Monday, October 7, 2013

Product Review: Skinny Pop Popcorn (Original Flavor)

  Last week, Tuesday morning, I tripped over a big bag of popcorn sitting by my door. After pressing out a few colorful expletives under my hoarse voice, I tossed the bag onto the bed and decided to give 'er a taste. Don't let the stats on the bag fool you like they almost got me. This stuff was about to be outside on the patio for the birds. I'm glad I changed my mind.

I dunno what Skinny Pop is or where it came from. I'm guessing they were either out of the usual snack brand at Sam's Club, or my dad was trying to drop a "thoughtful" yet silent hint about healthy snacking. *eye roll*. My first thoughts--"The bag boasts of a snack that lacks "artificial anything" with about 39 grams of fat per serving. Oh, that's GOT to be frickin' dry ick popcorn. I'm not eating this. Why did he give me this health crap? I like a good artery-clogging, love handle making Chicago mix. What the crap am I gonna do with some pure white popcorn?"

  I scanned the bag as a cynic half-awake. As President Obama yakked on the tele about the shutdown, I munched on the popcorn. The yummy, buttery, slightly salted popcorn. A little dry, but not super oily or greasy like other bags I've had. It tasted like freshly popped movie theater popcorn, but without all the unpronounceable oils and "butter" (aka that stuff that really isn't butter, but tastes like butter. It's not butter.). Oh hey....this stuff is all right! It's crunchy, it's fresh, it's not bad at all!

  My big ol' bear claws kept going in and out of the bag in intervals. A handful during Bill Cunningham's show, a suggested measured 1/2 cup while Will and Grace danced around my TV, and a few more watching those trashy Bad Girls in Miami tear at each other's weaves and faces--I was in TV heaven with my big bag of crunchy yum. Eventually I had to hide the bag from myself before I polished it off in one day.

 What else can I say? This stuff is so incredibly good that it puts all the other popcorn brands I've ever had to
perfect snacking shame. With all that artificial yellow butter matter and salt, maybe they were good to have but the list of crap they put in it to get there....ehh...not so much. What's in Skinny Pop?

  • The all-natural popcorn (duh)
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Salt
  That's it. No yellow dye #69, none of that preservative mess you have to sound out and Google to understand, and it's allergen-free (aka no dairy, no tree or peanuts, no gluten). Those GMOs that everyone's warbling about? Not in this bag. Need some fiber? Grab some of this stuff. Worried about trans fats and cholesterol? YOU CAN EAT THIS STUFF. HOLY CRAP. :-D This is basically all-inclusive popcorn you can give the whole family. That is, if you want to share. I thought about sharing, but then I kept eating it. Sharing wasn't gonna happen, and there wasn't a PBS or Nick Jr. show that was gonna remind me to do so. Get your own, honey.

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