Friday, August 23, 2013

Where's My Spy-Camera?!

  I got a perk from Klout about a two weeks ago. It's from an organic cocktail company called Vita Frute. They said it would take one to two weeks for it to get here. I've gotten one e-mail saying it's on the way. So you bet your bottom dollar I'm waiting for my daggone sample in the mail. Is it a tiny "complimentary" sample like the ones you get in hotels and on airplanes? Is it a "tiny sip" bottle like the ones from the store? I haven't a clue. I'm just sitting here, feeling all wiggly and antsy like Bart and the spy-camera. Where's my Vita Frute? Where's my Vita Frute?! WHERE'S MAH VITA FRUTE?!

  Now, I can't jump the mailwoman asking her every day. She's very cool and brings my stuff on time without fail. I can't chase down every single deliveryman on the block. I'll look crazy, probably get arrested for harassment, and I STILL won't have the Vita Frute, will I? I just have to wait. Wait, wait, wait. But this is a booze freebie, for cripe's sake. I got a birthday coming up. Maybe I want to sip and be fabulous that day. Maybe I want to get deliberately drunk and run around the block nude under the cherry moon.

  In all honesty, I just wanna sip organic cocktails and write a nice product review with a buzz as my air condish kicks in. I'm running an empire here, dagnabbit. Gotta have stuff to talk about!


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