Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 31...The End

   So, I did the impossible. I decided to accept Luvvie's challenge and write for 31 days. (Ok some of the days were complete and utter filler, but I still posted like almost every freakin' day.) It was interesting! Not only that, but it brought in noticeable traffic. Although no one ever replied to any of my posts, I did get a lot of clicks and views and visits. It was nice. It made me reconsider my "when the mood strikes me" type of blogging. I had to think about topics, create pictures, structure time to get things done...I worked! Even with those filler posts, I put my heart and mind into what I was doing.

  I renewed my domain name the other day, very sure that I want to hold on to this blog for as long as I possibly can. While it might be just another lonely dog and pony show on the Internet, I have a lot of fun speaking my mind and putting it all together. Even if I never get that visibility I want, I'm gonna keep on writing.

  Day 31 is the last day of my challenge entries, but not the last challenge I'll ever do. Maybe I'll do a daily photography challenge. Or, maybe I'll do a short story challenge. I can't draw worth a doggone and I abuse PhotoShop heavily, so, I'm pretty sure design contests are out. In any case, why not attempt to keep the ball rolling? Especially during times when I might not have a product to review or a project to gab about? Why not just speak my mind?

  I have to admit that I had a different view for this blog when I first started out. Writing and keeping up with this challenge pretty much changed those views. I wanted to create informational posts and product reviews. I wanted to do a little poetry, a little fashion talk. I wanted it to be shopping-oriented, but slooowly created a mixed bag of a blog. I went with that formula and I like it that way. I'm not confined to one type of writing. Whatever is on my mind might end up on this blog. I'm glad I participated in the challenge. It pretty much re-affirmed my stance on what I wanted my blog to be--a reflection of myself. Maybe not the big bold "legacy" I had in my head, but something I'm proud of and happy to share with friends, family, and curious googling strangers.

  So it's the end of the challenge, but the beginning of the rest of my blog life! Who knows where it's gonna go. Who knows the opportunities ahead of me. Crossing my fingers and letting my fingers and brain do all the work for now....


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