Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bless You, Airwalk!

I have been searching and searching for a pair of wedge sneakers to fit my big ol' bear feet since last year. I scoured the Internet going from site to site, reblogged images of my dreams on Tumblr, pawed through Google Images, and groaned with every pair that came up short on Amazon. Their biggest size? An 11. My size? Somewhere between 11.5 and 12. Yes darlings, I have big fat giant feet! I had the grand nerve to be looking for trendy shoes, lol.

  I'd just about given up hope until I went to Payless. And, let me just say this about the 'less--there is no shame in the discount shoe game. I love their selection, and they usually have my wavering shoe size. Considering the fact that so few shoe stores in the area carry larger sizes for women, of course they're my go-to when all else fails! My heart ached for a pair of funky wedge sneakers. The funk of the high-top, the smoothness of the material, and the feminine touch of a high, wedged shoe--what's not to love? Although I do adore men's sneakers a bit more than women's, sometimes I just want to wear a gender-specific shoe and be cuuute.
   I get it, I get it. Some people think they're dang ugly. I on the other hand think they're awesome. They trip
the line between feminine and tomboy. They've got this unspoken sophistication about them that mixes urban casual with a hint of fashionista. I personally don't consider myself a fashionista, but mother does have some kind of style going on.*flips twistout, serves face* :3 So, when I found some amazing jeans at Torrid, I HAD to get some wedge sneakers to go with. (That, and the sneakers I had were giving a major flood look. Sooo...I needed a high top or a wedge... -____-)

  I was relentless with my mission. I knew what I wanted--a solid color to go with mostly any outfit, preferably a suede material but leather or pleather would be fine. It was hard enough finding a nice black shoe, so, finding others in color would have to wait for another long, hard day. The road was long, hard, and expensive. So at the last minute, I was narrowing it down to either getting some high tops in men's sizes, or scraping pennies together to get a size 12 wedge sneaker in women's....that cost 300 dollars. Yeah. That's my PS4 money. NOT. HAPPENING. When I tried Payless that last time, I took a leap of faith. I made my purchase, crossed my fingers, and hoped for the best.
  When my package came, I was sooooo happy. I said the riiiiide was so smooooooooth, they must've been a li-mou-sine!! *cues Little Red Corvette* I strutted all over the house with a runway model wiggle in my pear-shaped hips. I danced in the mirror, I planned outfits. They were mine all the affordable tune of 45 bucks. Sweeeet. Now, if I can find a pair in purple, I'll be all set. ;) Bless you, airwalk. You give big feet fashionable hope.


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