Saturday, July 6, 2013

The End of Xanga?

  Wow. Xanga was my go-to site for pretty much all my little thoughts and poems. It was the site that carried the weight of all the things that bothered me. Once I found other spaces, I decided to delete my Xanga page and move on to Tumblr, Blogger, and sometimes YouTube for vid commentary.

  I wanted to be like the "Xanga elite", getting pageview after pageview. I wanted to make friends with the cute guys, gush with the makeup gurus, and brood with all the strange little souls such as myself. It was an interesting and thought-provoking community that sorta has a special place in my writing heart. It's where I began to grow as a writer and realized "something is here".

  Sad thing is, they have like nine days left to come up with 60k to relaunch the site on Wordpress. I think they've been at this thing since May 30th, and they're trying to get funds together after their lease is expired with their former network server. Since they can't afford that anymore, all they can give their users is their blogs, downloaded. Then they shut down.! Not as someone complaining, but a lot of people still use Xanga. I honestly had no idea. While there's Tumblr, LiveJournal, Blogger, and even DiaryLand, I think that to those still there, Xanga means something. If they make it, however, I think they said it becomes some kind of paid service that's ad-free with all kinds of bells and whistles.

  Xanga means a lot to me, because I ended up making a wonderful friend from Xanga. Someone who not only inspires me to do a little better a day at a time, but gave me hope when I usually just sit in my corner of sadness. I owe her one good visit to South Carolina someday for drinks, laughs, and absolute foolishness between two wacky feminist liberals with a dark sense of humor. If not for Xanga, I would have never had the chance to get to know her.

  Xanga was kinda like my rant space. Bad day? Go to Xanga. Excited about something at school? Go to Xanga? Bored, lonely, hoping for the future? It was all on Xanga. It gave me time to think, time to purge, and a lot of practice with transcribing and increasing my WPM rate. I know, I sound like a huge crazy ol' screwball hermit. But, writing has a special place in my heart. Xanga...sorta helped me stay consistent with that.

  So, they're on the last legs. Despite much hope, it doesn't look too good. They just haven't made enough money. So, those who have Xanga will probably lose it within nine days. I hate to see it go. Maybe there's other things to be done. There's a lot of great people on Xanga who've written some great blogs--big and small.


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