Monday, July 1, 2013

Product Review: Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters Chocolate

  Skinny Cow has reeled me in with one of their commercials, again. All the talk about chocolate, moments of internal bliss, and other magical feminine crap prompted me to grab a box of their Dreamy Clusters Chocolate. I mean goodness, the way they describe it as "crunchy crisps and creamy caramel drenched in milk chocolate" whispers all kinds of sensual sweetness. Light some candles, throw on some Prince, and toss something silky on why dontcha.

For those of you with strong willpower and the ability to curb your snacking, these things should be right up your alley. At 120 calories per serving (4 Points Plus for those of you on Weight Watchers), they aren't so bad. Now, for the rest of us who have little to no control, consider this the beginning of a "curb your daggone chocolate craving" regimen. While I probably won't be giving up the Twix and Snickers anytime soon, I'll surely think twice. As much as I love the chocolate, it tends to my hips, my arms, my thighs, stomach and face even more.

  Skinny Cow actually has a few different flavors to savor. I chose the clusters, thinking they'd taste just like a Turtle. They do not taste like Turtles. DO. NOT. Does it make them bad? Not really. Are they better than
turtles? Let's not get crazy. The Dreamy Clusters taste very light. They're not really "drenched" in anything. There's a hint of crisps (you know, that corny crunchy stuff in chocolate), a nice helping of caramel (just enough to taste it and identify), and of course the chocolate. The chocolate is kinda milky. It's not as rich as regular milk chocolate. It's different. Not a bad different, not a strange different, but you pretty much know that it's not regular sugary rich chocolate.

  Each pouch/bag contains about six or seven chocolate crisp pieces. While they suggest you have one (right.), you might find yourself having two...or three. Or maybe that's just me. (Sigh.) In any case, if you're searching for alternatives to the usual rich and heavy chocolate song and dance, I highly suggest giving them a shot. Before racing to the store of your choice for temporary satisfaction, you might just find what you need with Skinny Cow. They're a soft, lovely and sensible choice with "half the guilt".

Good Lord. I never thought that phrase made sense until I got older.

"Half the guilt".

But I just ate a healthier alternative. Am I still guilty?


  Anyway, they're good for moments of indulgence. If you're trying to watch what you eat, maybe you don't want such a big piece. If you're like me, trying to curb eating habits, it might be nice to stash one in your purse or messenger bag. Give 'em a shot. You still get to eat chocolate, dang it! Maybe you won't be floating in the clouds thanks to dreamy chocolate bliss, but you surely won't be eating bland snacks. You know the kind--they promise all the flavor and goodness, but taste like chemicals and fake sugar. BLECH. With Skinny Cow's chocolate, you shant be let down. So GO! Go forth! Get your chocolate on!


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