Friday, April 26, 2013

Product Review: Fruttare Fruit Bars

  When I blended fruit and milk together with grandma's hand-held blender at the age of 10, it was a bland and tasteless mess that needed to be doctored up with sugar and ice cream. When the folks behind Fruttare throw fruit and milk together, it actually tastes good. Tempted by a commercial I saw on television a few days ago, curiosity made me put the fruit bar on my list. No longer wondering what my next product review will be, I bring to you Fruttare Strawberries and Milk--the creamy dreamy treat that made my afternoon. (Without all the sugar, shame, and calories....)

  It's a shame these things come four to a box. Four to a box? Give me a break. I am a snacking kind of lady. You need to put about eight or ten of these puppies in a box. They're just too good, too delicate, and too special to come four deep. This is snacking madness. I will stock my freezer with this stuff no matter if it's teeth-shattering cold or afro-sizzle and frizzle hot outside. I'm praying Sam's Club has a larger version. You bet your snackin' life I'm gonna check!
"Did I just waste my money?"

  I honestly came home with these fruit bars wondering if I'd made a mistake. I walked past all the sexy usual brands--Ben and Jerry's, Häagen-Dazs®, and the Wal-Mart stuff that tastes just as good as the pricey stuff. I strutted past all of those things (and the stock boy who probably thought I was a big hairy beast at noon, coming to destroy his eyes) to satisfy my curiosity. I came home wondering--"is this going to taste like bland, milky crap?"

  It's an honest question. I've been duped before, having to find other uses for crappy bars with pretty packaging. So, how the heck can you make a fruit bar with a milky base? I'm used to the sticky sweet, sugary, or organic-tasting fruit bars. I've never had one with a straight up cream base. I didn't want to waste money for something that tastes like weak milk, a hint of sugar, and some fruit. No no no. If it's like that, we're going back to Wally World for a generic box of ice cream sammiches.

Happy Snacker Aftermath
  These fruit and milk bars are amazing, however. They're so light, so creamy, and full of sweet fruit bits. I took my time nibbling and savoring each bite. It was kind of like eating a strawberry milkshake popsicle. I mean a good milkshake, by the way. Not those crappy syrup and ice cream disasters. I'm talkin' Steak N Shake with the real ice cream and skim milk and fruit, baby. It's like super light strawberry ice cream. It's airy, it's soft, and it's not going to come apart on the stick, just because it's a delicate snack. It has the right amount of sugar for those ultra naughty in-between entree cravings.

  Anyway, it was MUCH better than I expected. Not too sweet, not too overwhelming. At only 110 calories with 16 grams of sugar, I'd like to say Fruttare Strawberry and Milk could easily contend with the popular frozen snack brands. Same amount of satisfaction, not so much guilt afterward. If you dig all things fruity and creamy, I highly suggest giving them a try. Get milky with the all the flavors, or go straight for the juice.


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