Tuesday, January 8, 2013

From Votary to Vase

  Devotional/Votary candles have a special place in my heart. Especially those with The Virgin Mary/La Virgen De Guadalupe. The images on these candles are just so beautiful and comforting to yours truly. I've always wanted one, but felt like it would not be appropriate. One day I got over it and simply purchased one. I decided to use them for those "extra special" prayers. Although all prayers are special and important, a part of me just felt like having that particular candle would be saved for specific times. When I was finished with the candles, I got rid of the containers they were in. Which, honestly, I've always hated to do. Why not keep them to decorate the home?

  I used the candles to pray for myself, to pray for family, to pray for friends. I used the candles when I meditated. I used the candles to illuminate the way as I tried to finish my poetry book on time. Although I am still editing, I am finished with part one of the book. To make a long story short, the candles are very special to me.

  I didn't want to just throw them away after I was finished. Though their use for burning had been over, an idea popped into my head. As a child, I recalled hearing so many stories about Mary and roses that the fondness simply attached itself to my heart for years and years. With a little quick thinking, I found a wonderful and very easy way to not only keep the containers the candles were in, but also a way to decorate.

  A quick trip to Amazon provided me with the "roses". They are wooden rosebuds made of shaved birch-wood  I just got them in the mail this past Saturday. Though they're much smaller than they appeared in the pictures, they're vibrant and wonderful artificial decorations. Since they are so small, I will probably be getting more to fill my "vases". Since they're only about $9.50 per order, I don't mind shelling out a little dough to decorate my room (and possibly other rooms of the house) with these wonderful flowers.

  After a few re-arrangement sessions, I finally found one I was most comfortable with. Though they're somewhat obstructed my my origami jar and my grandma's photo, I can't help but glance over and adore the buds from my desk. :-) I'm looking forward to my second order to create a vibrant decoration. Maybe I'll hang a picture over the roses.


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