Friday, December 7, 2012

Snicker's Pie

  There comes a time when every young woman who's staying with her family must contribute to the Thanksgiving meal. My time was November 23, 2012. Several days prior, I was asked a shocking question--"So Veronica, what are you going to cook for Thanksgiving?" Who me? I get by with throwing things together and getting lucky. I make decent fried chicken, but seem to destroy things like white rice and acceptable butter cookies. When it comes to baking pies, oy. Let's just say my first should have been my last. Thanks to a lovely Tumblr post, all was not lost. Ladies and gents....Ms.Williams made a Snicker's Pie.

  Look, I come from generations of women who can cook. I love 'em, and more power to their abilities. I, on the other hand, have only the slightest hints of domestic ability in comparison to theirs. Does that mean my future family will starve and my husband will come home to takeout? Nah. I'm not in THAT bad of shape. However, let's just say it's probably not a good idea to volunteer me to make the majors of holiday foods. Turkey, ham, dressing. Heck, I might burn the dinner rolls if I can't take my eyes off Tumblr for three seconds. Anyway, I just wanted to warble for a minute over the success of my little pie baby.

  This pie is for anyone--from those of us with mediocre baking skills to the Rachel Rays and Paula Deens who made incredible edibles. All you need is a little Cool Whip, peanut butter, cream cheese, and about 3-4 regular sized Snickers Bars. From that point, you can doll up the mix with chopped nuts, caramel/chocolate sauce, or sprinkles. When I made mine, I decided to crush honey-roasted peanuts, melt caramel to drizzle on the top, and shave chocolate over the caramel.

 Creating the filling for the pie itself was the easiest part. All you have to to is measure and blend. Unless you're terrible with fractions, it's very VERY hard to screw this recipe up. My only suggestion--try not to give into the temptation to er...lick the spoon. The creamy combination of cool whip, powdered sugar, and peanut butter tastes abfab. However, too much licking results in not enough filling. ;-)
  Once the pie was allowed to sit and collect itself for eight hours in the fridge, it was ready to be tested and tried by the small tribe of my intermediate family. Since this was my first pie (that came out right, anyway...) I was nervous with camera in hand for the first taste-tester. As soon as she popped up and asked "what's for dessert?", I sprang into crazy person action. "Try the pie!" Before she could cut into that first piece, I had to take a picture. While I'm sure she thought her grand-daughter was perfectly nuts with a camera in hand, Grandma Ellen--the original baker of our family--loved my pie. For the next week, it was her go-to dessert until it was all gone.

  All in all, the recipe was indeed a success with the family. It's something I'd highly recommend for beginners of the pie variety. When you're not sure about baking, making a fridge pie can be just as wonderful (and a lot less messy.) to create. If you'd like to alternate from the recipe, Google it! I've noticed a lot of people who have used chocolate crusts instead of the cookie or graham of the recipe I used. Some people also went above and beyond my topping additions to make their pies all Snickered out. Happy creating!

Snicker's Pie Recipe I used can be found here. Alternate versions are all over the web!


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