Saturday, September 29, 2012

Product Review--Firmoo Glasses

  I've always wanted a smooth pair of prescription sunglasses since the age of nine. I hated that I'd either have to layer sunglasses over my regular glasses, or go perfectly blurry blind with just my shades. Not that I hated the glasses experience (did I have a choice?), but I would always see slick shades that called out to me. As a kid, walking by broke my heart. As a teenager, it cramped my style. The aviator glasses of the early 2000's were my fashion desire. Many moons later, I've teamed up with Firmoo to try out a free pair. I'd like to introduce the rest of the blogging world to an amazing offer--free glasses for first-time buyers!

  It's not every day that a lady gets an invite for a pair of awesome shades--to keep! Although I'm not in the market for glasses at the moment, I've always wanted a pair of shades to call my own. So many shops have deals, but most of them are not in my price range. On top of that, they just don't seem to have what I'm looking for in tint colors or frame fashions. Imagine my shock, surprise, and eventual honor to be e-vited by the Firmoo glasses company to make my alternate glasses dreams come true!

  Firmoo is all about vision, frugality, and fashion. Check out their awesome Facebook album full of actual customers rockin' sunglasses and awesome glasses. Glance over their mission to please the customer in the "Why choose Firmoo?" section. With the promise of 300+ pairs alone, I am sold. Their customer service staff is amazing. When I put in my specs, they made sure to contact me as soon as possible to correct some mistakes. I was able to work with them in a very timely fashion to get my shades.

  First-time customers of Firmoo have the chance to get a free a pair of glasses in two different ways. This is a deal I urge you to jump on as soon as possible! If you are a blogger or video shooter, Firmoo has a campaign you can apply for to get a free pair. The deal is that you give an honest, open opinion of the glasses of your choice. Sounds exciting, right? For non-bloggers, the deal is different, but the free part still stands. All you pay is shipping and handling fees. Follow the guidelines on the free glasses page, get your voucher, and start shopping!

Feelin' extra mellow in my shades!
  When I chose my shades, I actually picked out a pair of glasses. However, I decided to give them a tint. With that, they became sunglasses! What I love about my shades is that they're especially for me. They are mellow, simple, and very easy on my eyes. Although they are a bit smaller than my regular glasses, I'm able to see and read everything just as comfortably and in perfect vision. With a few last lingering days of warmth rolling around Chicago, I spent part of my afternoon last week sitting outside in my cool new sunglasses. Since I chose a purple tint, I felt extra mellow relaxing in the shade of the late afternoon. Since the glasses were a perfect fit, it only took about 15 minutes to adjust. That's what I love about Firmoo--there's something for everyone. I was able to specify the make, shape, and color of my glasses to fit my personal needs. Now, whenever the sun is too bright, I've got some awesome shades to protect my eyes. Color this blogger tickled pink (and purple. ;-) ).

  With such competive prices, high fashion, and the ability to save a LOT of money for that first purchase, what have you got to lose? Heck, if you're just looking for fashion glasses, you can still purchase from Firmoo. They are a top-level, all-inclusive company with a lot to offer their customers. I am so glad they invited me to their campaign! So, readers, if it's for you, yourself, or someone in your family, please pounce on their great deals today. Make sure you have your glasses specs handy when you're ready to order. Firmoo is an awesome company that will not let you down. They're always updating, always coming with the hottest glasses fashions without a blazing pricetag. What more could you ask for?

Disclaimer: The awesome folks at Firmoo personally invited me to pick out a pair of sunglasses or glasses of my choice. In return, I was asked to write a blog reviewing said glasses. I was neither coached nor scripted on what to say. While Firmoo did give me guideline requests, it was only to promote their free glasses deal by posting links to their free glasses campaign and facebook page. All opinions are my very, very own and reflect my experience with Firmoo, their services, and my final results. As you can see, I am a VERY happy customer!


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